Winter showcase highlights student artists

Winter showcase highlights student artists

Matt Zhang ’18

On Dec. 21 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. in art teacher Julia Bush’s room, 32E, the Westlake Art program will be holding its annual Winter Art Showcase.

Students in any of the art classes at WHS are given the opportunity to exhibit their work, and as a result a large variety of art including oil paintings, digital media, photography and digital manipulation will be featured.

“[Students can submit] pretty much anything; a lot of kids do graphite, and some kids are doing oil paint,” said AP Art student Ned Jacobs ‘19. “I know a lot of kids who are also doing photography and digital stuff.”

These students that choose to participate were given time to explore a medium of their choice and have worked on these projects over the course of the first semester.

“For our AP class, at least, we’re doing our pieces for the College Board,” said Jacobs. “Later in the year we’ll submit our best work [for the AP test], so this is a good way to prepare for that big step.”

Often times art students believe that the art showcase is another way to see others’ creativity and their perspective on life. Jacobs believes the art program and the Winter Art Showcase provide him with an opportunity to express his artistic passions and abilities.

“I love the program, it’s preparing me for what I want to do with my art in the future,” said Jacobs. “It’s exposing me to all new types of mediums where I can just experiment and do whatever I want.”

The art showcase is not only a wonderful opportunity for students to put their work on display for the school, but also to reveal to their friends and family on what they’ve been working on.
Jacobs is personally working on a piece that incorporates photography and digital manipulation to show his artistic talent and viewpoints.

“We [art students] get to show off all our best work,” said Jacobs. “It’s really cool seeing all the art pieces they make.”