New science building plans proposed


Photo courtesy of Jason Branham

The plans for WHS’s new science building are being finalized. Construction will begin soon, and teachers and staff are anxiously awaiting the start of the construction.

The vision for the facility started last year with a collaboration of administrators, teachers and architects.

“We are hoping to begin construction in February,” said principal Jason Branham.

Currently the plans are in the process of undergoing state approval and WHS administration is planning on getting the results for the plan back in November.

The structure will hold 11 classrooms, including a staff lounge and a  bathroom for students and staff. The top floor will have four chemistry classrooms, the second floor will have four biology classes and the bottom floor will have three classrooms for other science branches.

Many of the ideas for the building came about when WHS teachers, administrators and architects went on a tour last year of a pharmaceutical company, called Amgen for inspiration last year. For example, the tables in the classrooms will features with wheels o the desks will be mobile, and classrooms will be flexible for a variety of teaching activities.

“I’m excited for the large classroom and lots of storage place for lab supplies,” said science teacher Lisa Moxley. “We will be able to change group patterns depending on the activity we do.”

Classroom size will also increase which will allow more storage for science equipment and supplies for different labs. The classrooms will also have outlet connections hanging from the ceiling.

“I will actually be able fit all the children in my room comfortably,” said science teacher Alison Kerr.

In addition, there will also be an outdoor teaching area for teachers to teach outside of the classroom, as well as a gardening area on the bottom floor.

There is still no word of any new science subjects coming to the building, but some will definitely be added in the future as technology grows. Scott Holloway‘s physics classroom will move to Building 4 and Advanced Anatomy will stay in in the same room, but the classroom be expanded in size.

When the science building is complete, all social science teachers will move into Building 1 floor 2, all world language teachers will move into Building 2 floor 2, arts in Building 3 floor 1, fine arts in Building 3 floor 2, English in Building 4 floor 2, and math in Building 4 floor 3.

Although the contractors are still unknown, the new building plans are expected to be competed by fall of 2020, with a total cost of 14.5 million dollars according to Branham.