Stars of homecoming court


The highlight of homecoming is watching nominated students stand in the spotlight during the homecoming rally on Oct. 15. Homecoming court gives students the opportunity to vote for their peers who have made an impact on their life or at WHS.

“The purpose of homecoming court is to commemorate students for their character,” said elections commissioner Gabrielle Grossman ‘19. “Those nominated are typically students who help make Westlake a better place by building their connections with individuals outside of their friend group. Not only has it been a tradition longer than any of us can remember, but homecoming court also offers a sense of engagement to the student body.”

This year, many students declined their homecoming court nominations due to the time commitment.  

“Nominees must dedicate around ten hours to practicing and attending run throughs,” said Grossman. “Many students were unable to make the required dates.”

Nominees are featured at the homecoming rally and practice at the rally run through. Senior nominees are honored at the homecoming game.

“The senior pairs are driven around the track at the homecoming halftime show, and their bios are read aloud,” said Grossman. “The Senior King and Queen are then crowned at the halftime show, instead of at the dance like the rest of the grades.”

Olivia Dinardo ‘19, Bethany Reader ‘19, Claire Robbins ‘19 and Sarah Sullivan ‘19 are nominated for Senior Queen.

“I remember saying ‘wow, I want to be on homecoming court my senior year,’” said Reader.

The nominees for Senior King are David Connor ‘19, Michael Shahidi ‘19, Joey Sipos ‘19 and Jacob Valladares ‘19.

“Being nominated for homecoming court is a great way to remember my senior year,” said Connor.

Rylinn Cafferty ‘20, Kailee Follette ‘20, Madi McMichael ‘20 and Nina Sharp ‘20 are nominated for Junior Princess.

“I was not expecting [a nomination] at all,” said McMichael. “I did not do anything to get people to vote for me which was why it was even more of a shock.”

This year’s nominees for Junior Prince are Garrett Cypher ‘20, Andrew Hudak ‘20, Luke Jones ‘20 and Mark Pulido ‘20.

“I thought it would be so cool to be on [homecoming] court so I jokingly told some friends to vote for me,” said Cypher. “Then I started to get more serious about it to the point where I was advocating for myself on Instagram and Snapchat.”

Mila Pujuan Blaisdell ‘21, Jillian Boser ‘21, Valeria Gomez ‘21 and Makenzie Titcomb ‘21 are nominated for Sophomore Princess.

“It feels great being nominated by the people in my class,” said Blaisdell. “It makes me feel very appreciated by all my friends and classmates.”

Cooper Clemons ‘21, Jake Hoban ‘21, Oliver Steele ‘21 and Kevin Vasquez ‘21 are nominated for Sophomore Prince.

“Being honored at school is pretty cool,” said Hoban. “I was not expecting [a nomination] because I did not do anything to get nominated.”

Jordan Forster ‘22, Olivia Driscoll ‘22 and Jacqueline Holtz ‘22 are nominated for Freshmen Princess. Nickolas Barry ‘22, Guy Bellingrath ‘22, George Beattie ‘22 and Gabe Ramirez ‘22 are nominated for Freshmen Prince.

“[Students] have a voice in who is crowned,” said Grossman, “and it’s so exciting to see their friends presented at the rally, halftime show and dance.”