Help for the holidays: gifts


It is the day before winter break and you are pressed for time to buy the ideal gift for your friends, feeling unsure about whether they would want a new phone case, makeup, or a gift card.

Finding the perfect gift for each individual is always a stressful task. However, having students’ inputs and recommendations based on their preferences can make holiday shopping a little less stressful. Students participating in various activities can help narrow gift suggestions, geared to a specific group.

When it comes to dancers, most have an unlimited number of essentials needed, ranging from hairnets to insulated water bottles.

“I would love to receive leg warmers or even a pair of pointe shoes,” said California Dance Theatre dancer Gabrielle Grossman ‘19. “I go through a pair every two weeks, so receiving this would basically be a gift for my parents too since a pair costs around 100 dollars.”

Other dancers would rather perform for audience members than receive a physical gift. Sometimes, sharing the love you have for an activity with other people is the best present.

“Some gifts I would like to receive are making other people happy by dancing and inspiring others to be their best,” said WHS Dance Team Co-Captain Rilee Roberts ‘20.

There are also students who prefer gifts to aid in maintaining their stellar grades.  

“[I] definitely would want [to receive] the Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator, it has so many cool features like having a colored screen,” said Trevor Gadsby ‘21.

Some academically focused students want to receive gifts that will prepare them for their future exams.

“I would want to receive an ACT watch,” said Alexa Warren ‘20. “The cool thing is that you don’t have to keep track of the clock because the watch has preset time for all five sections of the ACT.”

Students who participate in sports could enjoy something that they can wear while practicing. Especially in soccer, a supportive shoe could be a practical gift to give.

“[I want] a Nike soccer cleat with a red swoosh and purple accents,” said Noah Eubanks ‘21, WHS varsity soccer player. “With 22 people on the field, you want to be unique.”

When it comes to receiving or giving clothes, many students are very particular about styles or brands based on what’s trendy at the time.

“[Honestly, anything from Doll Skill],” said Abbie Cohen ‘20. “Everything is so cute, especially their jackets.”

Some students prefer having a unique style. They view themselves as trendsetters rather then followers.

“I really like oversized, colorful hoodies or sweats and pants,” said Griffin Minor ‘21. “Specifically, brands like Kappa and Lazy Oaf because most of their [clothing] is not the average grey and black but [more] like orange and reds, which I really like.”

Typically, artists desire materials which will allow them to further express their creativity. Many appreciate art products ranging from a canvas to a new set of watercolors.

“I think [it’s great] to give or receive a sketchbook for artists,” said Lauren Watmore ‘20. “A sketchbook is always an acceptable gift because it provides artist’s with another platform that they can create art out of.”

Artistically talented students cherish basic materials. Similar to a sketchbook, artists who make collages can enjoy newspapers or book pages to start their work.

“[I would like] a bunch of magazines” said AP Studio Art student Gavin Valladares ‘20. “I look for pictures that will compliment each other when side by side in a piece.”

When in doubt, purchase something your friends will get a lot of use out of and would not typically buy due to cost or other factors.  

“Get [your friends] something they would not get themselves,” said Eubanks. “What’s the fun of [the holidays] with no surprises?”