WHS Theater presents We Have Always Lived in a Castle


WHS Theater department will present We Have Always Lived in a Castle from Feb. 6 to 9 in the Carpenter Family Theatre at 7 p.m.

Director Sam Smart ‘19 and assistant director Kayla Jou ‘19 worked hard for months to produce a unique play that WHS theater hasn’t displayed for years now.

“We haven’t done a drama that wasn’t Shakespeare in a very long time, so I think that will be very interesting to see,” said Jou. “The story definitely has an underlying, suspicious storyline to it, as well as twists throughout the story. It’s a very interesting and captivating show.”

We Have Always Lived in a Castle is considered a mystery show by the directors. The drama takes place in the 1950s where 28 year-old Constance Blackwood, played by Naomi Sylvester ‘20, is convicted and acquitted of putting arsenic in the sugar bowl, killing half of her family. Even though she is acquitted, the public still believes she is at fault.

However, the real question, is who really put the arsenic in the sugar bowl if Constance Blackwood didn’t?

“You don’t realize it’s a mystery show until it hits you that it’s a mystery show, so I guess it will take students through the First Act before you get to that,” said Smart.

Even though the plot may seem simple, there are many unexpected outcomes throughout the play.

“I’m excited because there’s a lot of twists and shocking things that I think the audience will think is pretty cool,” said Sylvester.

Besides the plot being unique, the set and costumes are said to be on a whole different level compared to other shows that have been produced in the past.

“WHS has not had a set that’s two stories since I was in 8th grade,” said Smart. “[For] the costuming, we’re doing 1950s costuming, but not like cheeky costuming with poodle skirts; it’s more darker and serious tones for it and pretty skirts.”

The show will also star Devon Estes ‘19, Constance’s sister, Merricat Blackwood, Josh Lunsford ‘19, Uncle Julian, a narrator-like character uncle, Tyler Marquis ‘20, Charles, Constance’s love interest and cousin and Julia Steinman ‘19, Joan, the adopted sister in the Blackwood family.

The drama department is hoping for a full house for at least one of their shows, so they are publicizing the show as much as possible.

“We made an Instagram, @thewestlakecastle,” said Jou. It will have updates on shows and behind-the-scenes. We [did a] photoshoot with our actors to make posters to hand out instead of having regular-size posters.” The cards will have information regarding the show.

Tickets can be bought at the door or online at m.ovationtix.com/cl/34378 with a $1.50 processing fee, $8 for students and $10 for adults. For more information regarding the show, visit thewestlakecastle on Instagram.

Photos by Ned Jacobs

Flyer courtesy of WHS Theater