Let’s talk about motivation


Your goal of receiving an A in AP Chemistry is nonexistent. Eleven weeks have passed and your 87% will not budge. You look on Q and see that you got a C+ on another test. Filled with disappointment, you feel like it is time to give up. It is only November and your motivation to study is gone. 

Although it feels like it is time to give in to the sadness, there is still a chance to improve. Moving past a bad grade is difficult, but allowing a moment of defeat to swallow you up is much worse because it will prevent you from being successful for future tests. A grade does not define you; only you can define yourself. Let your discouraging test score be a reminder that you can still improve as a student. 

Imagine walking into AP Chemistry the next day with the attitude that anything is possible. Having a positive mindset is half the battle to being successful. The first way to motivate yourself to work harder is by thinking of week eleven as if it were week one. Convince yourself that there is enough time to improve your grade. Start by taking small steps. Instead of trying to get an A+ on the next test, aim for a B-, which is more realistic and achievable. This way you will feel like you are making consistent progress. 

Try tracking your studying habits. Maybe you believe you are studying a lot, but you are not dedicating that much time. Record how much you are studying and only account for the time you are focusing. Do not count the hours you are on Snapchat sending your streaks or scrolling aimlessly through your Instagram feed. 

Now it is time to brainstorm new studying strategies. If you normally do not study, now is the time to start as even just studying a bit each night can be very beneficial. Some of the easiest ways to study are referencing your textbook or creating a Quizlet. Studying with friends can make a dreaded day of reviewing a lot more fun. When you are not interested in studying, find a friend who will inspire you. Right now is the time to discover what studying habits work well for you. 

When in doubt, talk to your teacher. It is okay to ask for help. Your teacher may be able to give you many recommendations. Teachers are still there to help you when you are in need. Sometimes you cannot accomplish everything all by yourself. Some tips your teacher may suggest are utilizing the studying centers at school or frequently working with a tutor.

Use your newfound motivation to be successful. Remember that an A in a class is not defining. You can still receive a B in a class and be a hard working, dedicated student. Do not let a grade bring you down; it is not worth getting upset. Know that you worked hard for your grade. The result does not matter. The time and effort you devoted to your goal are defining.