Wildflower dominates the phone case industry


Wildflower Cases, currently one of the most popular phone case companies, has been a standout business that has gained popularity throughout the decade.

The business first began in 2012 accidentally due to a chance encounter. Michelle Carlson, owner and CEO of Wildflower Brands, made the first phone cases as a gift in her daughters’, Devon and Sydney Carlson, Easter baskets, and the cases were soon getting noticed.

“We went to Hugo’s in Agoura. As we sat at our table, Miley Cyrus walked in,” said Michelle Carlson. “My older daughter Devon loved Miley, so she and Sydney, my younger daughter, suddenly decided they wanted to walk over to see if it was really Miley. They ended up going into the restroom and while they were in there, Miley walks in. So of course, Devon says ‘I don’t want to be annoying, but can we take a quick pic together?’ Miley was so sweet, and said ‘Yes!’, so as Sydney is taking their photo on her phone, Miley notices the phone case.”

The girls took the opportunity to offer Cyrus and a friend some extra phone cases they had on hand. After Cyrus suggested they make a business out of it, the family worked all night to come up with a name, design a website and establish a social media for their brand new company.

From the start, Wildflower was popular. The company started getting orders almost immediately and slowly began to grow on social media.

“One moment that stood out [as a realization that Wildflower’s popularity was growing] was when I posted a photo on Instagram and shortly after, got notified that our photo had made the popular page,” said Michelle Carlson. “We got so excited.” 

One of the standout elements of Wildflower cases is their unique designs. Devon and Sydney Carlson, being part of Wildflower’s young female demographic, come up with ideas for design along with Michelle Carlson. Once they agree on a design they like, they pass it along to Dave Carlson, Michelle Carlson’s husband who has over 27 years of design and marketing experience, who compiles it. 

“My favorite part about my Wildflower case is the pattern I have on the back because I have the neon green leopard print which not as many people have,” said Katelyn Chen ‘21. 

Available at wildflowercases.com, Wildflower typically sells their phone cases for $35, Apple Watch bands for $50 and laptop clutches for $55. 

Additionally, Wildflower has worked to make their cases not only visually appealing but also protective and durable. They work hard to match the appearance with the quality. Chen notes that she tends to “drop [her] phone an awful lot” and deems that the case is “really protective.”

“When it comes to protection, I believe that their cases are really durable,” stated Shanice Peters in a review of Wildflower Cases for Her Campus. “I’ve dropped my phone countless times with a Wildflower case on and never did the case or my phone suffer any damage. The side bumpers really help protect your phone screen so there are no cracks, which I love. I like to think the case has shockproof so when your phone drops the impact isn’t as crazy.”

Wildflower is not only loved by teens and young adults but is also sported by many celebrities. Celebrities such as Noah Cyrus, Madison Pettis and Ellie Thumann own Wildflower phone cases, and Hannah Meloche, Tana Mongeau, Emma Chamberlain and Jesse Rutherford are just a few of the many influencer collaborations available from Wildflower. The company also has many collaborations with major businesses including Urban Outfitters and Benefit Cosmetics. 

“When a brand wants to work together with us that is the right fit, then we are happy to,” said Michelle Carlson. 

Over the years, the company has grown to around 70 people now employed. However, they are still interested in hiring more and recommend using [email protected] for any job inquiries. 

Overall, Michelle Carlson comments that being a family-run business has been so much fun for her, her husband and her daughters.

“Our family loves that we all get to work together,” said Michelle Carlson. “This business has also been valuable in teaching our daughters about business as they have experienced all parts of running it.”