Journaling is beneficial


Today has been exhausting and there is too much on your mind to relax. Watching episodes of your favorite TV show does not cut it and neither does listening to music. You still cannot fall asleep or stop thinking. That is when the idea comes to mind to write down all the thoughts that are consuming you. 

By journaling, it is possible to let go of what is on your mind and ease your stress. Sometimes the best way to feel better is to write down your thoughts and feelings. Nobody can judge you because journaling is just between you and your words. It is just for you: for your eyes only. Journaling is beneficial and allows people to connect with themselves and externalize their thoughts. 

Later, maybe even the next day, you can look over what you wrote down the night before and evaluate if it was worthy of keeping you up — maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. With time, you might be able to understand your thoughts and clarify your feelings. You may even realize that staying up wondering why you are not in love yet is not worth it. After all, it is your time and you should spend it considering problems you can solve. There is no point in creating problems in your head that you cannot fix. 

You can gain perspective by rereading your past concerns and maybe you will even find that you have grown as a person. But, by far, the best part about journaling is looking at your past journals years later. Reminiscing about your crush from first grade and reading everything you wrote about him is quite entertaining. The things that were once important are not anymore. You have moved on to new things as you have grown up. Your life is more complex now than it was when you were in elementary school or middle school. It might be refreshing to notice how much you have changed. 

Journaling is similar to taking a photo, but instead of just a split second, you have your feelings documented about it too. Sometimes it is more meaningful to look back on how you felt placing in some competition than just admiring your trophy. It holds more meaning to grasp onto the way you felt when you were successful, not just the products of your achievements. Journaling helps a person distinguish that reaching their end goal is great, but the journey there was even more rewarding. 

You finally connected with yourself and understand why you are still awake. Whether it is your grades, family stress, friends or something else equally consuming, you can let it go and be done with it for the night. You may finally have the urge to turn off the light and go to sleep.