The new Mulan


Written by Vivian Stein

Even the biggest Disney fans were shocked when the news got out about the live action remake of the beloved Disney film Mulan leaving out an important aspect of the original movie, the musical numbers. This new information has people wondering why Disney would change their million dollar movie formula and stray from the status quo. 

However, despite common belief, the lack of songs in the live action remake of Mulan further strengthens the storyline and will cause the movie to have more of an impact on the audience.

Lately, Disney has been making a lot of remakes and spin-offs of classic films such as The Lion King and Aladdin. The Lion King remake, released in the summer of 2019, received a lot of backlash for being almost exactly like the original, practically down to the last frame. On the other hand, remakes that varied from their predecessors, such as Cinderella and Dumbo, got a lot of praise from fans. The fact that Mulan is following in these footsteps and differing from the original can only be a good thing.

Even though most Disney movies are far from realistic, the new Mulan movie will offer a look into what the time period was actually like and the sacrifices that had to be made in the face of war. Without having random bursts of song, the story will be a much more serious outlook on this traditional story and will therefore cater to more audiences than the animated version, including the older crowd who watched the original, as well as younger children who just enjoy Disney in general.

Although the classic fan favorite song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is loved by many, it takes away from a story that is essentially about female empowerment and activism. While people are singing their hearts out to this catchy tune, they are missing out on the impactful story of a brave young woman standing up for what she believes in. The removal of this song as well as others will further strengthen the story and provide an even more action packed movie than the original. 

Some might argue the songs are important to the story and need to be included in order for people to want to watch the film. Although these songs are fun and catchy, the popular melodies wash out the storyline and cause people to care more about these beloved songs than they do about the inspiring storyline. With the removal of the songs, the movie will provide more background and highlight the bravery of the characters and how they battle whatever comes towards them. This new movie has a chance to have people focus more on the plot than the music.

Overall, Disney’s decision to exclude musical numbers from the upcoming film should be celebrated and encouraged instead of frowned upon. The movie will provide variety from the original, cater to more audiences, and strengthen the overall plot of the film. Fans can support the choice by going to see the movie when it comes out on March 27th.