Environmental Science dances for change


On Feb. 26, the Honors Environmental Field Studies class put on a flash mob as part of the California Coastal Climate video competition between environmental science classes. In addition to the video, students made posters about climate change and solutions for global warming.

“We hope to raise awareness through the flash mob to encourage our fellow students to pay more attention to the world around them,” said Rilee Roberts ‘20, an organizer of the flashmob.

Enviro Honors works on action projects throughout the year with field trips to beach cleanups and climate change rallies. The Enviro Honors students believe the flashmob served its purpose as the entire class of 35 students worked hard to accomplish their goal of widespread awareness of environmental issues. 

“This is the first flash mob we have done,” said Jillyn Kinsley ‘20. “[Before this] we had been doing cleanups, going to the rallies and participating in the Green Alliance club.”

The enviro class flash mob had never been done before, however, Kinsley and Roberts felt it was a great addition to the other environmental projects the class participates in.

 “The [flash mob] was additional public work for the environment,” said Roberts. “We  could utilize [it] to do good.”