Online vs traditional school


During this pandemic, all CVUSD schools have switched from in–person classes to online classes. There are many differences between attending class physically and attending classes through Zoom.

With online classes, students are more inclined to work independently rather than in groups. In–person classes typically make it easier for students to collaborate and interact with each other on assignments and projects unlike being online. 

Additionally, physical classes allow teachers to easily move around students and group them together to make sure the classroom and activities run smoothly. 

Online classes, however, give students the flexibility and freedom to complete their work at their own pace. This means that students do not have to be forced into doing assignments at a specific time, as long as they complete their work before it is due. This educates them in a manner of time management and self–reliance.

Furthermore, with online classes, it has become more difficult for teachers to teach content and ensure students fully understand the concept. With a lack of visual feedback from the students when teachers or presenting new information, it is difficult for teachers to see what they need to spend more time working on or changing the way they teach the information.

More recently, CVUSD sent out emails about the “no harm grading policy.” This means that students’ grades can not be lower than what their quarter three grades were. Students’ final grades can only improve from then on, and can not get worse.

This may cause some students to stop trying and slacking on schoolwork since they already achieved the grade they desire, thus making everything optional. However, it still may be beneficial for students to do their schoolwork assigned by their teachers because it may have several benefits for doing it. 

Such benefits may include: lessons and content that may carry into future classes, possible opportunities for a letter of recommendation, self–motivation and discipline.

Regardless, learning is priceless. There comes a time after high school, when education costs thousands of dollars. So whilst there is still time, students should take advantage of the limitless resources their school has to offer.

When it comes to learning, traditional, in–person classes seem to be more efficient. However, during this time of crisis, students and teachers have to work with what they are given to make the best out of this unfortunate situation.