Traditional Chinese medicine deserves popularity in Western countries


You think you have tried everything to help with your illness and chronic pain. You have spent time and money trying to find solutions. Finally, you find a solution with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, you come to realize that these practices are frequently rejected by society and by multiple insurance companies (for many unjustified reasons).

TCM has been in practice for over 2,000 years. Despite being based in China, it spread throughout multiple Asian countries, according to an article by cnnhealth. It has relieved pain for many people all over the world; however, even in today’s day–and–age, it is often disregarded by westernized countries as ineffective and unprofessional. Nevertheless, TCM has helped many maintain their health through targeting the energy our body exerts.

While some concerns and hesitations for TCM are valid, such as the effectiveness and even toxicity of certain ingredients used in some herbal medicines, many objections are simply based on negative stigma toward eastern culture in westernized countries. Many doctors who practice TCM are dismissed, and many of these treatments are not covered by insurance. However, it is crucial to understand the importance of accepting this practice within the medical field due to the sheer multitude of people rely on its techniques.

The majority of TCM is based around the concept of the body’s Yin and Yang, which are two interconnected opposing forces. This idea explains that everything in the universe is connected, no matter if they are contrasting ideals. Many people have used Yin and Yang to understand how to balance certain aspects of their body and their overall health. This serves as a benefit for many people, considering they are able to comprehend how to balance out their lives both physically and mentally, as well as a feel control over their life and body.

Furthermore, many TCM tactics serve as an alternative to westernized pain relief techniques and medications. For example, acupuncture can provide physical relief for many diseases and conditions, such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as generic body pain like migraines and lower back pain. This gives people an alternative solution to their pain if they have exhausted all other conventional forms of medicine and treatment. Although, due to acupuncture not being covered by many insurance companies and plans, the price for acupuncture sessions can cost up to hundreds of dollars, which can seem frivolous.

Finally, TCM offers spiritual aspects and insight that is not often seen in western culture. Chinese medicine has patients listen to their body and what their body tells them, as well as bases it’s treatment on the diagnosis the patient receives, according to Also, TCM doctors argue that health is not just about the disease a person has, but their own overall wellness as well, which then helps prevent disease. By accepting the different spiritual and technical characteristics featured in this line of medicine, doctors and patients are able to learn more about medicine and health as a whole, which betters their practice and wellbeing in general.

I urge you to do your research about Traditional Chinese Medicine and learn more about its practice. It is beneficial to educate yourself on different types of medicinal practices that are based all over the world and understand why people find relief and comfort through them. Please consult a doctor before you start a TCM treatment.