Traffic inconveniences WHS


Harrison Weinberg

TRAFFIC JAM: Cars pile up as they make their way to and from WHS to pick students up from school.

On a typical school day, the students of WHS wake up tired and groggy, but ready to start the day. However, their morning comes screeching to a halt as they drive to school, finding themselves stuck in the middle of an unbearably long line of cars.

With hundreds of students making their way to WHS every day, traffic like this is inevitable. However, the system set in place for both student pickup and drop–off is undeniably flawed and can lead to potentially dangerous consequences for parents and students alike.

Both before and after school, cars flock to WHS to pick up or drop off their students all at once. This not only backs up traffic but in some cases can completely block off the surrounding roads, making it impossible for students and others driving by to get through.

This completely disrupts the flow of traffic in the area and is an inconvenience to not just those trying to get to school, but for anyone in the community who drives through during these times as well.

This backup of traffic is not just inconvenient but dangerous as well. Students and parents tend to make unsafe and even illegal moves and maneuvers to get to school that can be detrimental to themselves and others. Every morning, there are cars who force and cut their way through lanes, which opens the door for potential accidents that could put students at risk.

These dangers can also apply to students outside of the car. Students who walk to school are forced to cross these hectic streets every day, putting them at the same if not more risk than the students who take the car.

Many parents also make the decision to drop their kids off in the student parking lot, as it is easier than having to fight through the warzone the other cars face at the front of the school. However, the lot was specifically designed for students with parking passes, and parents aren’t supposed to be allowed to drop students off there. Also, parents can hold up the line for students trying to leave by parking and waiting for their children.

Though the process of picking up and dropping off students at WHS is flawed, the reason this issue hasn’t been resolved is due to the solution requiring a complete reconstruction of the roads surrounding the school, which would cost a large amount of time, resources and money.

However, opening up more places and opportunities for student drop off as well as adding in more regulations for driving around WHS that ensure student safety could potentially lessen the dangers that come with the current system, such as adding a crosswalk near the front of the school that allows students to safely cross the street.

While there is no perfect solution to the issue with driving that WHS faces, a reevaluation of the current system the school has in place may help make sure that students can get to school with a little less worry.