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Why kids dont play at school

Why kids don’t play at school

Amber Parrish February 13, 2020

It is a well known fact that this generation of younger kids have been spending less time doing outside activities and more time indoors, causing many problems.   There are many different reasons...

The Fall of Forever 21

Amber Parrish January 9, 2020

For around a decade Forever 21 has dominated the teen fashion industry, but things are quickly changing for them. Irene Kim, a writer for Business Insider, said, “It [Forever 21] transformed its...

Hurricane Dorian’s Effect on Schools

Amber Parrish September 18, 2019

Only just a couple of weeks into school, and the East Coast was hit with one of the most destructive hurricanes ever recorded in early September. During the first week of September, the Category 5...

Social Medias Minds Tricks

Social Media’s Minds Tricks

Amber Parrish May 17, 2019

Social media and cell phone addiction have changed the way not only teens, but adults communicate and interact with each other. Although there are benefits to having a smartphone and the social apps...

Battle of the Tunes: Apple Music vs Spotify

Battle of the Tunes: Apple Music vs Spotify

Amber Parrish March 11, 2019

The controversy between Spotify and Apple Music has gone on for too long and needs to be brought to an end. Apple Music and Spotify are two very similar but different music streaming services that let...

Animal testing: from the farm to fashion

Animal testing: from the farm to fashion

Amber Parrish January 31, 2019

Testing makeup on animals isn't anything new in the cosmetic industry. High end brands, as well as drug store products test their products on animals such as bunnies and pigs. Large companies such...

Plastic straw bans to take effect in 2019

Plastic straw bans to take effect in 2019

Amber Parrish December 11, 2018

Say goodbye to drinking with plastic straws and say hello to paper straws. As of Jan. 1, 2019 almost all beverages and other items that use straws will come with no straw, a substitution as a paper straw...

Shane Dawson “exposes” Jake Paul

Amber Parrish November 2, 2018

For the past month, the internet has been on the edge waiting for Shane Dawson’s “The Secret Life of Jake Paul.” The YouTube series has been dominating the YouTube platform, with each video getting...

New science building plans proposed

New science building plans proposed

Amber Parrish October 1, 2018

Photo courtesy of Jason Branham The plans for WHS’s new science building are being finalized. Construction will begin soon, and teachers and staff are anxiously awaiting the start of the construction. The...

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