Our world cannot turn into Jumanji


There was a joke on social media about COVID-19 that said, “If Rapunzel stayed inside her tower for 18 years, so can we.” After hearing about the “murder hornets” coming into the U.S., another post said, “Welcome to level four of Jumanji.” In all honesty, our current situation does seem like it could be a scene from the movie Jumanji

Since people everywhere have been cooped up in their homes for weeks, some are starting to grow restless. Protesters in places such as Texas, Maryland, Ohio and California have taken to the streets without face masks to protest stay-at-home orders and six-feet apart guidelines. 

Getting together in large groups and attending these protests have the opposite effect of what the stay-at-home orders accomplish. Rather than keeping everyone safe, congregating puts the health of others in danger. After being separated from classmates for weeks and being isolated with families in their homes, more friends are getting together without wearing face masks or staying six-feet apart from each other. 

As soon as California opened up its beaches again, people sick of the indoors rushed to the ocean. Although asked to distance themselves from others and warned against staying stationary, many took advantage of the less restrictive guidelines and stayed close to the people around them.

After spending months in quarantine, many are realizing that safety is most important. It is crucial to stay inside because if more people interact with a large group unprotected, the number of cases of COVID-19 will only increase, especially since it is possible to have the virus without displaying any symptoms. With a possible second wave coming in the fall, it is necessary to take precautions now. 

Jumanji has always been a classic and favorite to many. Although the new adaptations of the movie are hilarious, nothing beats the original with Robin Williams. Imagine what it would be like living in the world of Jumanji for a day, fighting off berserk monkeys and hearing the pounding drum beat from one ear to the other.

Now that our current crisis has allowed me to see a little bit into Jumanji’s world, I do not think I ever want to be in the game. In the new versions of the movie, players get three lives. In this world, we only get one. Life is precious and the only way we can protect it right now is to stay indoors as much as possible and think of not only your health, but the health of others.