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10 rom–coms to watch this Valentine’s Day

Scarlett Brisbin

When Harry Met Sally
Although most rom–com movie romances happen throughout a couple of days, this film spans a relationship throughout 12 years in a mere 1 hour and 36 minutes. Rob Reiner’s When Harry Met Sally is a classic movie which focuses on the growing relationship between opposites, Harry Burns and Sally Albright. Both friends experience adulthood separately, yet they always find their way back to one another and eventually agree on becoming friends– or even more.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julianne Potter and Micheal O’Neal were always expected be wed, but when Julianne finds out Micheal is going to get married to another woman, she plans to break up the wedding. Played by Julia Roberts, Julianne tries to get the new couple to break up, but soon her plan falls out of control and ruins Micheal’s and Julianne’s friendship. Julianne must accept the inevitable: her best friend is getting married.

Never been Kissed
As Josie Geller, played by Drew Barrymore, gets her first assignment as a reporter, she must return to her nightmare: the high school years. There, she must uncover a story about high school kids’ and their social lives, but the problem is, she has no social skills, even as a grown adult. On the way to befriending the popular clique, she falls in love with her English teacher. Josie must adapt to the social standards of returning to high school and try to win over her English teacher, putting her dream career on the line.

13 Going on 30
When celebrating her 13th birthday, there’s nothing more that Jenna Rink wants than to be an adult. Jenna, played by Jennifer Gardner, passes through 17 years in a single wish. Because she is now an adult, 30–year–old Jenna must deal with the struggles of being an adult while longing to be a child again. In this movie, viewers follows Jenna as she tries to get back to her teenage years.

Roman Holiday 

A classic rom-com, Roman Holiday revolves around the Princess escapee, played by Audrey Hepburn. Princess Anne escaped her royal life, in an attempt for a normal life. When she runs away, she meets a man willing to help her, but he’s an American reporter. Soon enough, she falls for the reporter, played by Gregory Peck, and he finds out her true identity. The princess is plagued with worry about what the reporter could write about her adventures as a free woman. 

The Sure Thing

After his dream girl promises to give him a try, college student Gib travels during Spring Break to California to meet her. However, carpooling with him unexpectedly is his classmate, Allison who had previously rejected him. Together they travel across the country for spring break, while multiple issues stand in the way of their arrival. To make matters worse, they are complete opposites. Throughout the film, they experience a harsh journey while handling each other’s extreme personalities. 

How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days 

How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days focuses on columnist Andie and businessman Ben, who both have bets against each other. Ben bets that he can make any woman love him, while Andie believes she can chase a man away in 10 short days. As they continue to date, both remain unaware of each other’s bets and learn to deal with growing emotions. 

She’s All That 

A typical teen rom–com, She’s All That features the popular jock, Zack Siler who makes a bet: he can turn a nobody into a prom queen. Unfortunately, for him, his friends choose the artsy Laney Boggs. Zack, throughout the movie, transforms Laney’s style and personality to impress his classmates and to increase his chance of winning. On the other hand, Laney’s unique personality soon has Zack questioning how he truly feels for her.


An adaptation based on Jane Austen’s Emma, Clueless focuses on a ditzy, spoiled blonde, Cher Horowitz. In Beverly Hills, Cher navigates her sophomore year of high school which combines friend drama and boy drama. When her ex–stepbrother comes home from college, she realizes her newfound admiration for him. As she balances such feelings with her social life, Cher decides to give her attitude a makeover to become a better person.

Pretty in Pink 

Pretty in Pink, directed by John Hughes, is a film about outcast Andie Walsh. With her best friend, Andie navigates her last year of high school, in a normal manner until her crush begins to take notice of her. Because of her extreme introverted nature, she is shocked that a guy from a different clique would like her. When she begins to date him, she finds out the unexpected: three guys have feelings for her.

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