Nori Japanese Grill


Located among the many casual eateries and shops at 2871 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Nori Japanese Grill is a family-friendly restaurant perfect for all ages. They are open Monday(em dash)Friday 11 a.m.(em dash)8 p.m., Saturday 11:30 a.m.(em dash)8:30 p.m. and are closed on Sunday.

Immediately driving up to the restaurant, Nori can be mistaken as empty and small, however upon entering, bright mint green and red chairs, catchy music and friendly chatter of customers warm up the atmosphere. Nori has a modern vibe, yet it also provides an authentic Japanese feel, especially with its array of Japanese drinks and sodas by the cash register. Customers order at the front of the restaurant, either for there or takeout, and then seat themselves. Newly constructed outdoor seating is available as well, and is covered by a wooden pergola. The sounds of cars passing by are not bothersome, but actually calming.

Nori offers a wide range of Japanese and Korean style dishes, appetizers and soups. From rolls to ramen, this small eatery has pretty much everything in order to satisfy any Asian food cravings. Some popular dishes that I was recommended were the tomato miso ramen, chicken and barbecue beef plate and Nori housebowl. Surprisingly, the warm, tomato flavor complemented the ramen noodles, vegetables and miso well. It was very satisfying, and is definitely a perfect option for the upcoming colder months. The chicken and barbecue beef plate came in a good portion, and was very hearty. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, the Nori housebowl includes crunchy salad, salmon/tuna sushi and other refreshing additions. There are many vegetarian options offered as well.

Although the staff did a minimal job of taking orders and recommending/serving food, this should not deter anyone from enjoying Nori. Their friendliness and warm environment is welcoming.
On weekends or weekdays, for dinner or lunch, with others or alone, Nori is an excellent place for grabbing a quick, yummy bite in a relaxed setting.