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The Arrow is written, designed and run by the students of the Advanced Journalism and Journalism CP classes at Westlake High School. The purpose of The Arrow is to factually inform and entertain its readers. As an established forum for the student body, the pursuit of truth will be the staff’s number one priority. The staff believes that a journalist must seek truth and provide a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues and always practice ethical behavior to maintain credibility.


Makenna Norman ’23

Alyssa Rice ’23

Vivian Stein ’23

Alyssa Joo ’23

Allison Tieu ’24

James Miller ’25

Summer Nichols ’24

Grace Hefner ’24

Andy Lynch ’23

Shane Douglas ’24

Harrison Weinberg ’23

Lucas Van Parys ’24

Sydney Elias ’23

Sania Ghali ’24

Jocelyn Glick ’25

Junior Rendon ’23

Kalia Bell ’25

Lanza Peretti ’25

Laura Teegarden ’25

Karie Lynch

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