Students connect with Holocaust survivors


Daryn Mink ’18

This past Thursday, Dec. 14, WHS hosted an event where teens from various schools in the community could spend some time with the last generation of Holocaust survivors while baking challah bread.

The event was led by students Sami Olesker ‘18, Ned Jacobs ‘19 and Kathryn Mallen, U.S History and World History teacher. Jacob’s mom and her close friend established the event about six years ago.

“They felt this program helped get [students and survivors] together in a less lecture-like way because it’s more of a conversation,” said Jacobs.

Mallen first got involved by helping recruit students to join the event a few years ago and was part of the reason the event was moved to WHS.

“We have a bigger space here,” said Mallen. “We’ve done three events here so far and it’s been really successful.”

The event is not only a great educational opportunity for teens in the area, but it is also a chance for survivors to tell their stories.

“The opportunity to share their story is this impression they’re going to leave on the world that will hopefully prevent something like [the Holocaust] from happening again,” said Mallen.