Jim Gay honored with Kelman Kindness Award


Last Wed. April 24, the second annual Kelman Kindness Award was awarded to campus supervisor Jim Gay for his consistent spirit and friendliness to WHS faculty and students. His award, presented by ASG Vice President Scott Pugh ‘19, involved a procession and a ceremony in which he was crowned as the King of Kindness.

The Kindness Award was created by ASG last year to honor supervisor Rick Kelman, a longtime faculty member of WHS. The award is now a tradition that will be awarded to an individual who emulates Kelman’s traits of generosity and spirit on the campus.

Gay has been a supervisor at WHS for three years and has been a positive force throughout the school that helps those around him.

“Jim’s impact comes from a pure heart. His demeanor is very comforting and every student on campus can be comfortable talking to Jim” said Pugh.

Gay worked at Sequoia Middle School several years prior to coming to WHS as a supervisor and has been a longtime faculty member of CVUSD.

“Jim came onto our staff a few years ago when I was here,” said Kelman, a good friend of Gay’s. “He has probably been one of the best additions to the staff we’ve ever had here at WHS.”

ASG awarded Gay a cake, a plaque, and a crown, along with a full decoration of his carts and a sash saying “Kindness King.”

“Jim’s helpfulness and kindness allows students to be in a more positive environment whenever they walk on campus,” said Pugh. “Jim is truly a shining light.”