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There is only one available class period left in a student’s schedule. One more year of history is required, but a student would much rather take AP Psychology. It may not be possible to take both classes during the school year. Since taking history is the main priority, a student may miss out on a class he or she expresses more interest in.

Instead of students missing out on elective classes they have been looking forward to taking in high school, the opportunity of taking a class during summer school is an option. Although summer school is untraditional, there are many ways it can positively impact a student. This logical solution allows students to invest time in the classes they want to take while making their schedule more manageable.

As students are enrolled in all the time-consuming classes they need to graduate and get accepted into their dream college, they may miss out on opportunities to participate in activities they are passionate about. A simple way to remove the pressure of having homework in seven classes is to take a summer course. Students spend lots of time on assignments whether they are taking Honors, AP or CP classes. Less time can be spent on schoolwork if one or two classes are already completed before the following school year begins. This extra time can be used to explore other interests. A student may now be able to take an art class, practice a sport or go to the gym. If students have more time during the school year, they will be able to excel in more than just completing their homework.

A student’s schedule can be easier by enrolling in a summer school class. In most cases, an unwanted class can be completed in less than six weeks. By the time students sit in a class they want to take, memories of summer school will be forgotten. If students are productive during the summer, they can have more free time during the school year. Time spent on busy work can be eliminated during the school year by simply taking a summer school class. Students can spend their time on assignments that they enjoy.

It may be easier for students to concentrate during a summer school class when there are fewer distractions. When a student focuses on just one or two classes, there is a better chance of being successful. During the school year when there are many classes and other commitments, it is hard to dedicate large amounts of time to each class. In a summer school class, there is more of an opportunity to do well. As much time as necessary can be spent on completing homework or studying for an exam. Without being rushed, students can complete a summer class at their own pace.

A student has many choices while enrolling in a summer course. Students can take summer school in a classroom or online. In a classroom setting, students can still experience working with other students and a teacher who can provide extra guidance. Taking an online class is also an option which allows students to continue their course at a comfortable speed. Although students will have to be more independent, students can contact teachers for extra help at any time. Students can decide how they want to take a summer school class, which is very important. When students are allowed to make the decision of where they want to take their class, they will feel like they have power. This may motivate students to complete their course and take responsibility for selecting the class.

Summer school can give high school students an advantage while applying to colleges. Since many students at WHS are very competitive, it may be challenging to stand out from others. Taking a summer school class can help a student show that school is so important to them that they are willing to commit to learning on their own time. A student’s transcript may appear stronger if they are taking a summer school class to get ahead. As long as students are not taking a summer school class because they failed during the school year, enrolling in a summer course should give students an edge.

Some may argue that the positive impacts of taking classes only during the school year outweigh taking a summer school class. Although some students may prefer teachers giving them immediate deadlines, a summer school class can still keep a student organized and on top of their work. Even though it may be hard for a student to practice time management skills, it will help them in the future. Taking a summer school class can help a student learn more than just information about a class. It instills skills in students that cannot be grasped from just sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher. Students learn how to better manage their time and work independently to complete their assignments, and will also become more confident in submitting assignments without a teacher’s prompt approval.

CVUSD registration for the GetAhead summer school program will begin March 8. There are many available courses including online and in-class options. The dates for each session vary. Core subjects such as English, science or math are six-week classes or three weeks per semester. Health is a three-week course. Each summer school course is about $600. Other summer school courses can be taken at Moorpark College, Oxnard College or Ventura College. Their summer school sessions begin on on May 20. Each semester only costs $15.

The only issue with enrolling in a summer school class is missing out on fun summer plans. Going to class may prevent a student from going to the beach or on a vacation right after the school year ends. However, students in summer school classes can make time for activities they really want to be a part of. Students should celebrate their hard work once they complete their course because they deserve it.

Enrolling in a summer school class is the solution to many students’ problems. Students can take all of the classes they want to enroll in without being limited to seven class periods each day. A summer school class can help students strengthen their college applications and have enough time to pursue all of their interests. Furthermore, a summer school class allows students to create their own schedule in a calm environment.

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