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Living with your best friend in college


As a freshman at a new, unfamiliar campus, sharing a college dorm room with your best friend may seem like an amazing idea. After all, a familiar face can help adjust to a brand new life. However, an old friend may hinder you from independently experiencing college life. Just because you’ve shared everything with your best friend until now, doesn’t mean you should share a living space.

Below are some pros and cons of sharing a room with your best friend.


1. You already know what you’re getting yourself into

Most students prefer a roommate who respects their friends, but with a random lottery system, there is a chance that you could end up with a roommate with an entirely different lifestyle than you. Knowing who you’re rooming with eliminates the possibility of contrasting sleep schedules and differing social and cleaning habits.

2. Adjusting will be easier

College is intimidating and even scary. It’s a whole different life than high school, and it may be too much. But, going into this new lifestyle knowing you’re roommates with a friendly face can make the transition a little bit smoother.

Having a friend by your side can make you comfortable in social situations and help you make new friends in the long run. You’d have a companion to assist in awkward situations and break the ice when needed. Going to clubs on campus and seeing new faces will be easier because you are guaranteed at least one friend within a large pool of people. For those who are more introverted, an extroverted roommate can encourage you to go out to social gatherings and livelier scenes where friendships are bound to burgeon.

3. Planning your dorm together

Everyone has their own sense of creativity. Sharing a dorm room with your friend can lead to an awesomely decorated living space. For roommates that have similar tastes, dorms seen on Pinterest are definitely plausible. If you and your roommate have different interests, knowing your roommate could aid in expressing your own style on your half of the room. Being better acquainted allows for more respect in decorating your side freely.


  1. Stuck in high school

College is all about meeting new people, making new friends and building a new life. Having a roommate as your friend may stop you from these new aspects of college. There is no guarantee your friend might want you to be by their side all the time, but it’s a possibility. Although it’s reassuring to always have a friend around, you don’t want to prevent yourself from taking the initiative of going out to meet new people and experience new things. Living with someone you’ve known for a long time can keep you in the same old habits, but with new friends and situations, you’re more apt to try new things and discard your old ways for new and improved ones.

2. Friendships may end

Best friends do not always make the best roommates. It’s important to consider whether your sleeping schedules and social and hygienic habits are similar. Oftentimes, best friends could be opposites, and you might not realize it until it’s too late. With a best friend, it is even more difficult to confront them about problems you have with the dorm, resulting in concerns that could build up and create unnecessary fights. Strangers are more inclined to respect your feelings and adjust quickly, whereas a friend might not take your concerns as seriously. Ultimately, you do not want to lose your friendship over a petty argument about your dorm.

Whichever choice you make, don’t feel pressured. Chances are you’ll find a great roommate whether it is an old friend or a complete stranger. It’s always best to consider the options and make the best choice for you and your friend, regardless of what others may say. When making the decision, have a thorough conversation with your friend and think about the potential benefits and disadvantages there are to rooming together. In the end, whatever decision you and your best friend make will come down to your individual friendship and opinions.

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Living with your best friend in college