Boku no Hero Academia Recap

“KACCHAN!!” yells Izuki Midoriya, the main protagonist in the anime, My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia has been a huge hit in the anime community since 2016.

For starters, let’s go through a quick rundown of all prior seasons leading up to Season 4 which is currently streaming on various platforms (Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc).

Season 1 introduces the main characters of the anime. Living in a world of superpowers, or what they like to call “quirks,” the main protagonist, Izuki Midoriya, starts his new journey to become a hero. From quirkless to gaining his power from the number one hero, All Might, Midoriya is faced with a journey to become the next top hero by attending the top hero school to train for his goal.

Season 2 further elaborates on Midoriya and his adventures in school. Not only does he learn to control his newly gained power, but he establishes many different relationships with his classmates, all with different goals for the future. This season specifically builds up character development for the protagonists and introduces the main antagonists, the League of Villains, and their schemes for the series.

Season 3 continues to develop specific characters as they grow as heroes. Even though the main focus is on Midoriya, more heroes begin to play larger roles in the plot of the story. The League of Villains is scheming to take down the number one hero and hopes to bring the world of heroes into a new world of oblivion and chaos.

Currently, in Season 4, the students have begun to develop a more professional career with experience working alongside professional heroes. This can be paralleled with working an internship or shadowing someone else. As the season keeps streaming, the anime continues to tie in a connection and a potential plot twist between the relationship of the villains and All Might. 

Of course, like most anime, the manga (book version of the anime) can easily ruin what the anime will be about. Reading the manga will give details not mentioned in the anime and will contain spoilers as well. In addition, it degrades the great animations and development of the plot this show has to offer to its audience. 

My Hero Academia is considerably one of the top animes in the past few years and is worth watching, for all types of audience, even non-anime viewers. It is a family-friendly series that is a spin–off from the typical hero shows and movies. As this series continues to stream, the viewers and fans continue to amass and it may be well considered as the anime of this decade.