ASG hosts final spirit week of 2020

 Dec. 16 through Dec. 20 is the last week before winter break, and ASG is hosting its final spirit week of the year as well as several activities.

“It’s important to have spirit activities so that everyone feels included and a part of something,” said Jackie Holtz ‘22, ASG sophomore class treasurer. “The more spirited we are, the more positive an environment Westlake becomes.”

Monday is ugly sweater day, Tuesday is winterween, Wednesday will be a whiteout, Thursday is flannel day and Friday is pajama day. WHS was closed during Halloween this year due to the fires, and therefore, winterween will allow students to dress up in their Halloween costumes to school.

“Spirit week is meant to get everyone more excited and to participate in school,” said Joey Cacciarelli ‘21. “We offer incentives like candy and five-star points to get students’ minds off of academics, and to have students have more to look forward to when coming to school.”

Additionally, Monday, Dec.15 is National Cupcake Day and ASG will be giving out cupcakes at lunch. On Tuesday Dec. 16,  ASG will be hosting a winterween runway contest where the person with the best costume will win prizes. ASG is organizing a secret santa exchange with the Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership students at lunch on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

“Spirit week activities are meant to promote school spirit and enthusiasm especially leading to winter break and finals because people are usually stressed out,” said ASG President Jeremy Garelik ‘20. “It is another thing that gets students excited to come to school or even just tolerate school a little bit more.”