WHS choir dances the night away


WHS Choral Music department’s performance, Dance!, in the Carpenter Family Theatre on Feb. 27–29 at 7 p.m. was filled with lots of amazing singing and dancing to entertain the audience throughout the night.

Starting with the intonation and diction of the overall choir, the majority of the notes were in tune, and the diction of the performers was very clear and understandable. There were no parts of the performance where the words were slurred together, making it incomprehensible.

This performance featured many fast and slow tempo songs to prevent the show from getting too boring, and it kept the audience from losing interest in the performance.

The choreography was exciting and added to the performance. It complemented the songs that the choir was singing which made it more enjoyable. Good choreography contributes to the performance to match the pace of the songs which is exactly what it did.

The costumes were diverse and changed to fit the type and style of each song. For example, during the “Awesome 80’s” portion of the performance, the choir wore various types of clothing that were prominent during the 80s.

Overall, the performance had plenty of variety in the songs to keep the audience amused, from songs of the “Awesome 80’s” to popular songs from various Disney movies such as Mulan or Beauty and the Beast. This performance was phenomenal and was a perfect way to finish a long day of school or work.