World Cup excites fans around globe



CELEBRATING VICTORY: The France national football team, Les Bleus, celebrates their 2018 World Cup victory after the final match of the competition. They won 4-2 against the Croatia national football team.

The 22nd World Cup kicks off on Nov. 20 in Qatar, hosting 32 different soccer teams from around the world. Beginning with the match between Qatar and Ecuador, many fans look forward to watching the teams compete and cheering for their favorite players.

Since many people grew up watching soccer, the World Cup is an event that is eagerly awaited every four years. The last tournament in 2018 ended with the victory of Les Bleus, the France national football team, against Croatia 4-2, and fans are excited to see which team will become victorious by the end of this years’ games on Dec. 18.

“I love watching soccer, and the World Cup lets fans get really into which teams will win,” said Leah Kainen ‘25.

Many fans enjoy watching the teams, who represent different countries, as they fight to the top in each game. Every win brings a team further in the bracket, and the winners of the matches advance to the next round, totaling to 64 games by the finals.

“The World Cup is really important to me because I’ve been watching it since I was born,” said Roberto Aldana ‘25. “Soccer has been the sport I’ve always watched.”

Fans also are able to support and watch players who they have been anticipating since 2018 in the World Cup. Many have favorite players that they cheer for and hope to see do their best.

“My favorite players are [Lionel] Messi, [Manuel] Neuer and [Antonio] Rüdiger,” said Aldana. “I think Messi is the best player, and Neur is the best keeper in the tournament.”

Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentina team, is one of the best known soccer players in the world. He is known for having the most goals in LaLiga at a total of 474 goals, scoring the most goals in a year in 2012 at 91 goals and many more noteworthy accomplishments. With the 2022 World Cup being his last, many fans await his performance eagerly.

“I most want to see Neymar and Messi because it’s their last World Cup, and I wish the best for them,” said Kainen. “They have had amazing careers, and I’m sad it’s ending but excited to watch their final games.”

From Brazil, Neymar is another well known and loved player who has support from not only Brazilians but also many different people all over the world. Because each team represents their home country, fans are able to support these countries from abroad.

“I want to see Argentina win the world cup because that’s where my family is from,” said Ivan Seimandi ‘25.

The tournament includes many countries around the world, so fans from all over the globe can watch and support the countries’ teams despite not living there.

“I like that it gives some players recognition they wouldn’t have gotten without the World Cup,” said Kainen. “I feel like it brings everybody together in a positive way.”